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EA-Elektro Automatik

EA-Elektro Automatik is an Indian company supplying High-tech Power Supplies and Electronic Loads for research and development industry and Laboratory Testing. EA Elektro-Automatik offers an especially large product spectrum for laboratory, industry and training. 

EA-Elektro Automatik applications are equipped with optimal energy utilization and an above average efficiency. Development, innovation and reliability are key drivers at EA. Our power supplies are at, or better than, the latest technological level. Continuity, reliability and modern switching concepts are the most important core factors of our business.

EA-Elektro Automatik core activities are Research, development and manufacture of power electronics, with focus on laboratory power supplies (AC and DC), electronic loads (DC), battery chargers and DC emergency power supplies.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide best products, solutions and services to our customers based on their individual requirements:

  • Study and understand the requirement
  • Propose designed solution and products
  • Time delivery and Implementations of products and services
  • Testing and evaluation of the solution

Our Vision

We are serving not only today’s market but are also actively developing new ideas and visions for the product demands of tomorrow. We work together with our customers, learn about their applications and provide solutions with all rounder ability for a global, continuously changing industry.