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19” Rack Custom-specific Power Systems

EA-PSB Rack 47 U for 12x

Series EA RACKS PS/PSE/PSI 9000 3U, EL 9000B/ELR 9000 3U, 24, 33 and 42U
DC power as source-, sink or combined source-and-sink system rack Turn-key-ready system racks with 24U, 33U or 42U that can be fit with either power sources or electronic loads (sink) or a mix of sources- and e-loads (sinks)
Available options AC BUS (AC sub-distribution with integrated circuit breakers), DC BUS (central DC outlet via copper bars), emergency off (AC) via contactors, DC On/Off via output relays, air- and water cooled systems (incl. water distributor)
Available as stand-alone type with safety compliance to DIN EN 60950 (safety for information technology equipment) or extended to comply with DIN EN 60204-1 (safety of machinery)
Voltages 0-80V to 0-1500V, currents of up to 3500 (per rack) and power of up to 150kW (per rack)
Manual and remote control via analogue and digital interfaces, professional control software
“EA-Power-Control” with multiple apps.